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Auckland Central
Work type
Full time

We're looking for someone with a proven track-record of crafting useful and beautiful digital experiences. 

About the company

We're an Auckland-based user experience design studio that's been busy creating digital experiences since 2010. Our clients range from tech startups to listed companies and our aim is to give every one of them the very best human-centric digital solutions. We believe every pixel matters and that our work is never truly done - there's always something to be improved.

The role

This position is for someone who wants to create award-winning digital experiences grounded in empathy. As someone who's both creative and commercially minded you'll sometimes push the boundaries and sometimes exercise restraint. In this end-to-end role, you'll be involved from conception to delivery, ensuring that what leaves our studio lives up to our own high expectations of crafted experiences.

Characteristics for success

To be successful you'll need to be someone who is:

  • Inherently curious about people and technology
  • A friend of white space, typography and  design hygiene
  • Comfortable crafting design solutions as part of a team
  • Uncompromising when it comes to the details
  • An exceptional organiser of your    own time
  • Able to see the broader commercial picture
  • A life-long reflexive learner 
  • Comfortable presenting work
  • Working on your own projects
  • Excellent with spoken and written English
  • Able to demonstrate an impressive portfolio

Experience needed

Show us that you've got at least 5 years experience with:

  • Participating in the discovery phase of projects 
  • Creating wireframes, prototypes and user flows
  • Designing interfaces for digital projects
  • Presenting work to internal teams and clients
  • Working within agreed budgets and timelines
  • Keeping on top of the evolution of UX and UI
  • Reviewing work to validate design integrity
  • Sound knowledge the development process 
  • Participating in design sprints
  • Working in a creative team environment
  • Advanced skills with tools like Sketch, Zeplin, InVision, AdobeXD, UXPin etc. 

This short quiz will help us learn a bit more about you.

At the end of the quiz, you'll be asked to upload a photo as well as your CV. The photo doesn't have to be of you – it's a chance to show us what makes you unique and why you'll fit our company. You can prep this in advance or use your device's camera when you get to the last page. 

Only applicants currently in New Zealand and eligible to work here will be considered.

Applications close: 1 May 2019
In their work, some people like to plan every detail in their week, others prefer to wing it. Where do you sit on the scale?

Move the slider to your desired position
Plan it
Wing it
You see something that could be done better at work. What’s your next move?

Move the slider to your desired position
Discuss with a colleague
Pitch it to the boss
You’re in a waiting room. A picture is out of reach and slightly askew. How do you feel about it?

Move the slider to your desired position
Not bothered at all
Going crazy
How much do you enjoy problem solving?

Move the slider to your desired position
Your team has had a big fail on an ambitious project. You get a heap of negative feedback - it's constructive but still hard to hear. How do you feel?

Move the slider to your desired position
Stink but not defeated. You're gonna work your ass off to redeem yourselves before you feel comfortable again
Not too bad - you'll take the learning and move on. Tomorrow is a new day and mistakes don't really get you down
Walking to your local café, you spot a tourist who looks lost. How likely are you to stop?

Move the slider to your desired position
Not at all - I don't want to bother them.
Very - they might need help.
On holiday, often people like a mix of lazing around luxury resorts, and off-the-beaten track adventure. How do you like to split your holiday time?

Move the slider to your desired position
All relaxing
Total adventure
Day to day, what’s your most comfortable working environment?

Move the slider to your desired position
A hive of activity. Bouncing ideas around as the team - the more heads the better
In my own peaceful space, but interacting with others when I need to
Somehow you find you’re doing most of the office dishes. What do you do?

Move the slider to your desired position
Put a roster up in the kitchen
Start a dishwashing competition
How confident do you feel exploring a new city on your own?

Move the slider to your desired position
Quite nervous
Totally comfortable
Which one best describes you?

Move the slider to your desired position
Whenever I set my mind to something I achieve it 100% of the time.
I try everything that interests me. It doesn't always succeed, but I'll still try again.
What motivates and excites you? List five big accomplishments or experiences you'd like to 'tick off' in during your life.

How fast do you usually walk?

Move the slider to your desired position
Power walk
What's your theme song? (copy/paste a YouTube or Soundcloud link here)

Rank what appeals to you most about this opportunity.

    Move the list items into your desired order
  • Progressing in my career
  • Working with great people
  • A range of interesting projects
  • Helping others to grow
  • Increasing my personal wealth
What is your expected annual salary?

Are you eligible to work in New Zealand?

Move the slider to your desired position

Some details about you…

Thank you

Thanks! We'll look over your quiz and get in touch with you once the application period has closed.

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