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Auckland, New Zealand
Work type
Full time

PHP    Developer

Hitech startup of the year 2016 is entering another phase of major growth, We're  looking for super sharp senior and lead level full stack developers prepared to roll their sleeves up and build our highly demanded global SaaS, latest tech, new fast paced development, flexible startup culture, awesome team!

Who is Figured?

What started as a simple idea to keep ahead of the financial state of the farm has now grown into an award winning SaaS business and ecosystem where the farmer, the accountant, the consultant and the banker collaborate in real time and gain great insight to the financial performance of the farm.

Come and join us in this revolution that will change the course of one of the most substantial industries in NZ and abroad.

Where are we now?

  • 5 years on, we kinda nailed our product-market fitness, know our target customers and users pretty well and have a talented team that give a damn about what they do and the impact they're making.
  • Won some awards: Hitech NZ Startup of the yr, 2016, App partner of the year, 2017, Specific App of the Year, Xercon 2016, 2018 and Emerging Partner of the yr, Xerocon 2015
  • Have offices across NZ, Australia and the US with huge demands from more markets (watch this space)
  • Have a team of 60+ of your soon to be besties, with all development being based in Auckland

Working in our startup means you'll enjoy having complete ownership in your work and thrive in a lean/dynamic/ rapid development environment. You will see the impact you make every single day and get a real kick out of growing this amazing product.

Whilst you will code like a boss, this is by no means just punching endless lines of code, you'll be involved in driving the technical direction of our product, help make crucial decisions and drive world class architecture and solutions.

We realise that good product developers can hop across stacks so we're not too fussed if you don't tick all the tech boxes, we are more keen to know about your overall talent across fast growth complex app development, startup fit and positive outlook. You'll work alongside like minded sharp individuals that will help you bridge any tech gaps.

Our tech stack has purposefully been chosen for our App to ease the life of our developers (from a coding perspective) so they can focus on building complex solutions. Ideally you will tick as many of those tools, including:

  • Solid backend development experience in PHP - Ideally Laravel but similar MVC frameworks (e.g. Symfony) are ok too.
  • Experience developing cloud products in Amazon AWS or similar environments
  • Experience with modern front end tools like Vue.js and React. Solid HTML, CSS, JavaScript would work too.
  • Strong database experience including relational and non-relational (ideally MySQL and MongoDB)
  • Modern collaborative development tools, including CI/CDExperience developing complex SaaS tools
  • Experience with test driven development

What to expect?

Developing a fast growing complex application in several markets is a highly demanding job, we ensure our devs are thriving in an environment that supports and helps them unleash their best selves and work.

  • We are willing to pay for what you're worth and not rely on generic salary surveys that try to put you in a box
  • A highly collaborative and supportive team and encouraging environment
  • Its all about results and not effort, with that you can have glide time, and enjoy a bit of flexibility with working from home (cafe or the beach) if you wish
  • We'll hire you cause we rate you and want to get out of your way so you can do what you do best, self-management is the norm and leadership is more about inspiring, mentoring and giving guidance
  • Professional development is something you can't help
  • Longer leave allowance - additional 5 days
  • The other stuff - free coffee, Figured getup, ICT (ice cream Thursdays) fun workplace and latest mac gear to name a few

Applications close: 29 February 2020
In the future, I see myself as

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An expert, leading people and teams
An innovative thought leader
Some times at work things go really right, and sometimes things go really wrong. What’s your first response when things go wrong?

Move the slider to your desired position
You’re gutted and need to take a minute to clear your head and figure out where you went wrong, then move on
Take a deep breath, have a laugh, ask someone to show you how to avoid that mistake next time, then move on
You've been given a task to do by your boss. It's something you've never done before and they haven't given you very detailed instructions, asking you to just "give it a go". How comfortable do you feel about diving in without more detailed instruction? (1 = freaking out, 10= totally cool)

Move the slider to your desired position
What's most important to you when choosing a job (drag to rank with priority 1 at the top)

    Move the list items into your desired order
  • Working with the latest technology
  • Working with cool, clever people
  • Interesting day-to-day tasks
  • Being part of building something awesome
  • A good package - salary, perks and benefits
What do you reckon is one of the most interesting innovations to come out of NZ in the past couple of years?

You’re working on a hot new feature and there’s a technology you think might make it awesome. Do you ...

Move the slider to your desired position
Teach yourself how to to use it then pitch it to the team
Decide not to use it this time, it's unproven and might not work
Paste a link to your portfolio or a piece of work you're most proud of

As a developer what best describes you:

Move the slider to your desired position
I prefer being involved from the beginning. Strategy, UX design - it makes the project more fun.
I love smashing out code. Just give me the design and let me go.
We want to make sure our software is as slick, clever and fun for our users as humanly possible. If you were working on a project and you noticed something that could be done better or smarter, what would you do?

Move the slider to your desired position
Whip up a quick and dirty version so everyone can see it in action.
Wait for the next WIP and pitch it to the team for feedback .
What type of working environment is going to really inspire and motivate you?

Move the slider to your desired position
Head down, in my own personal zone of awesomeness
Working with others, collaborating with a team
You're looking at a website that you didn't build and you notice some stuff is a bit bung - bugs, broken links, forms not working properly - just annoying stuff. What do you do?

Move the slider to your desired position
That stuff’s going to keep you awake. Track down the dev and let them know so they can fix it.
Move on. It’s not your website to fix and they’re not major issues anyway.
You come out of a meeting with the exec team and think that there may have been a critical mistake that could impact on our users. What’s the next step?

Move the slider to your desired position
Let the exec team know that they made a mistake asap
Run it past a few colleagues first to see if you’re right
You've got a deadline looming and you’ve still got a bit to do, which situation best describes you?

Move the slider to your desired position
Crack out the red-bulls. You’re not gonna leave till you’ve got every task done
Prioritize. Get the most important features done - you can finish the last bits later
You’re in a waiting room. A picture is out of reach and slightly askew. How do you feel about it?

Move the slider to your desired position
Going crazy
Not bothered at all
Rate your love and general enthusiasm for puzzles and problem solving on this scale (one = not that keen, 10 = puzzletime!)

Move the slider to your desired position
How did you hear about us and this role?

Are you eligible to work in New Zealand?

Move the slider to your desired position

Some details about you…

Thank you

Thanks heaps for completing our quiz , we will be in touch soon!

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