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Salary indication
$40,000 to $40,000
Freemans Bay, Auckland, New Zealand
Work type
Full time

Oh, hi. Don't freak out or anything, but this isn't your usual job ad.

This is a short quiz we use to find out whether we should be working together. Let's be honest here, you're awesome, we're awesome – we just need to make sure that our awesomeness is compatible. We're hunting for a new Account Executive. So if you think you could be our kind of people, get quizzing.

The quiz is pretty short, but if you need to pause (like, for a nervous pee, or something) smash the button at the bottom of every question page. It'll let you save your progress for later.

At the end of the quiz, you may be asked to upload a photo. This can be of your face or something…not your face. It's your chance to show us why your special kind of weirdness is perfect for our brand. Go ahead and prep this in advance or, if you like winging it, you'll be able to take a photo with your device's camera. There are easy steps to follow if you've been living as a digital recluse.

Applications close: 1 March 2018
You need info from someone in a different team to finish a project. How do you go about getting it?

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Take a chocolate bribe, bowl up to their desk and demand immediate attention.
Send an email and follow up with a call if you don't hear from them in a day or so.
How likely are you to enroll yourself in classes or special training for a hobby or interest?

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I learn in the school of life
You stop learning, you're dead
Think about the last time you came across a new phone app. How did you get up to speed with it?

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I tinkered around with it until I worked it out
Let me mate do the tinkering and get them to show me.
Some people like a holiday mix of luxury resorts laziness, and off-the-beaten track adventure. How do you like to split your holiday time?

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Queen of Sheba.
Dora the Explorer.
When choosing your dream job, what's most important to you?

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  • I believe in the same things as the company.
  • Getting a couple of rungs up the ladder
  • The hard, rewarding work.
  • Baller salary and perks.
Tell us about two businesses or organisations that have inspired you - why do you think they're so awesome?

Are you eligible to work in the country where the job is located?

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Tell us what you know about FCB and why you think we are so amazing?

Do you have a preference for which team you join (PR/Media/Account Service)? If so, tell us what it is and why!

Some details about you…

Thank you

You. You're awesome.

We're looking over your quiz basically right now, and we'll get in touch after the application cut off.

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